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Getting Started – Just do it… Start to immerse yourself in programming audio, video, books, blogs, podcasts, websites, and whatever else that you can, but most important of all, start to program yourself.

It has been recommended by C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup, to learn multiple languages and he suggested the following; C++, Java, Python, Ruby, and Javascript. With the courses below, you will learn foundations for all of these languages including C.

CS50’s Understanding Technology – edX CS50T

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science – edX CS50x

CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript – edX CS50W

CS50’s Mobile App Development with React Native – edX CS50M

MIT Intro to Computer Science & Programming Using Python: 6.00.1x

MIT Circuits and Electronics 1 thru 3 – edX and originally for step 1 (Was original course that started edX plus is taught by it’s founder and CEO among others)

University of Michigan Programming for Everybody – edX Getting Started with Python Course

Stanford Computer Science Degree Requirements Overview

Quora Post to find free MIT alternatives to Stanford Math Courses –

Stanford CS101 Computer Science 101 – edX

Stanford CS103 Mathematical Foundations of Computing – 2016201720182019 – Online Course PreviewMain

MIT Alternative –

Stanford CS106A Programming Methodology – YouTube Playlist

Stanford CS106B Programming Abstractions – YouTube Playlist

Stanford CS107 Programming Paradigms – YouTube Playlist

Stanford CS109 Probability for Computer Scientists – Online Enrollment $6,500 – With links to Videos 2016

Stanford CS110 Principles of Computer Systems – Plus MIT Alternative

Stanford CS161 Design and Analysis of Algorithms – edX Part 1

Berkley Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails – edX The Basics Course

Berkley Agile Development Using Ruby on Rails – edX Advanced Course

Lex Fridman AI Podcast and Professor

Andrew Ng Stanford Machine Learning – YouTube Playlist

Computing LMS and Full Curriculum

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